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Frame Tent useful for for seating, dancing, picnics, festivals, weddings, Etc.
Covers are flame, UV and water resistant.
Please note the Default size is 10' X 10': (10 Guests). 
Please choose your rental period and confirm your desired size.

Frame Tent 10' Series

SKU: 364215376135191
  • They can be installed on a wide variety of sites such as decks, patios, backyards, parks, parking lots, etc., where fewer or no stakes are required. 

    10'X10': 10 Guests
    10'X20': 20 Guests
    10'X30': 30 Guests
    10'X40': 40 Guests 
    10'X50': 50 Guests
    10'X60': 60 Guests
    10'X70': 70 Guests 
    10'X80': 80 Guests 
    10'X90': 90 Guests

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